PT KAI to build a bridge to Tanah Abang Market Block G

PT KAI, a railways state owned company,  plans to make a special bridge connecting Tanah Abang Station with the Tanah Abang Market Block G. Ahok, Vice Governor of Jakarta, want CommuterLine passengers can get off Tanah Abang Market Block G. This step is needed, because until now traders in Tanah Abang Market Block G still complain about infrequent visitors.

According to Sukendar, Public Relations of PT KAI Daop I, a special bridge to be built in order CommuterLine passengers can enter and exit through Tanah Abang Market Block G. This particular bridge is prepared to complete the initial strategies that are considered less potent. Previously, Governor Jokowi has prepared the car as a gift for visitors of Block G. This location purposely enlivened various entertainment events to attract visitors. But the effort it seems not working. Traders complain visitors still reluctant to come to the location for shopping.

However, Jabodetabek railway user community, KRL Mania, requested that the Jakarta Administration is not only thinking about the fate of the merchants, but also pay attention to passenger comforts. Nurcahyo, KRL Mania spokesman, requested that the existing access is not closed and the bridge is only an alternative for CommuterLine passengers.


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