2014, @CommuterLine passengers will reach 700 thousands passengers/day

PT Kereta Api Indonesia (PT KAI) will bring 180 used train car units from Japan to March 2014. This order is expected to meet PT KAI target to increase CommuterLine passengers to reach 1.2 million passengers / day in 2019.

Ignasius Jonan , President Director of PT KAI said that the currently CommuterLine passengers is already reached by 600,000 passengers/day . By the end of March 2014, the company hope to increase CommuterLine passengers up to 700,000 passengers/day.

Jonan explained, PT KAI will continue to improve train service users by adding more train cars. Until the end of this year, Jonan hoping to bring 90 units from Japan used train car.

Meanwhile, spokesman of PT KCJ, CommuterLine operators, Eva Chairunnisa , ensuring 40 train car from Japan will arrive in Indonesia on 10 October. She said that the next there will be more train more to deliver each month.

Eva said the company currently operating 51 commuter train. With the addition of new Commuter train, CommuterLine travel frequency will reach 575 trips/day from the current 514 trips/day.


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