Top 5 Public Transportation to avoid Macet in Jakarta

Jakarta is known as the Big Durian, has one thing that is feared by many people. Not only dreaded by the visitors from outside Jakarta, but even by peoples who live in Jakarta and surrounding areas, namely “Macet” or Traffic Jam. True, Jakarta and Congestion seems to be an inseparable twins. Free of congestion has become a long awaited dream of the Jakartans and other Indonesian citizens.

Number of private vehicles operating in Jakarta city and also its irregularity adds a long list of causes of congestion in Jakarta. But there are many ways to avoid the traffic congestion in Jakarta. One of them is by using public transportation in Jakarta

  1. Commuter Line
  2. TransJakarta
  3. Bajaj
  4. Bemo
  5. Ojek

Note: Picture is taken from here


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