Vote your November #turkrl

As usual, we want to organize another tour for those who love to do some walk and meet new people. This #turkrl will be the 3rd tour that will organized by As usual, the tour is still using Commuter Line as primary public transportation and Manggarai Station as the first meeting point.

Your participation is needed to decide our next tour, which will be conducted on Saturday, 30 November 2013, starting 09.00 am sharp. We have at least three options for the next tour that you can vote as follows:

  • Jakarta Culinary Tour: the tour starts from Kopi Tiam Tak Kie, Baltic Ice Cream, and ended at Megaria Cikini.
  • Jakarta National Movement Tour: The tour starts from SMAN 19 Jakarta, Museum Kebangkitan Nasional, Museum Sumpah Pemuda, and Museum Husni Thamrin (we need to walk from Museum Kebangkitan Nasional to Museum Husni Thamrin)
  • Jakarta Photoshoot Tour: The tour starts from Fatahillah Square, Toko Merah, Jembatan Gantung Kota Intan, Menara Syahbandar, and Pelabuhan Sunda Kelapa (we will definitely walk from Jakarta Kota Station to Pelabuhan Sunda Kelapa)

All you have to do is post your choice and your comment in our polling at facebook fan page and you have to put your reason why you choose a specific tour. We will organize the tour based on the most popular vote.

Policy Changes: If you do not have facebook account, all you have to do is register your self and make a vote by put a comment in this post by log in into this website. Please keep in mind, this option only work with your laptop, netbook, or your PC, you can not do this with any of your smartphone.

Note: Just found out now, that no one can put comment on this post, feel free to email your vote to info [at] jakartabytrain [dot] com. So sorry

The vote will be closed on 8 November 2013.


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