Jakarta Marathon 2013

Jakarta, which will be celebrating its 484 years, inherited the most beautiful historical landmark of the Dutch colonial era. Greater Jakarta with a population over 28 million people, diffused over 300 ethnicity with different dialects, languages and religions, live in peace and harmony for centuries.

The Jakarta Marathon 2013 is managed by Inspiro as the appointed promoter and organizer of The Jakarta Marathon and will become an annual event of Jakarta.

Joko Widodo, Jakarta Governor said; “Jakarta welcomes the very first Jakarta Marathon which will become an annual event of Jakarta and Indonesia. We expected that foreign visitors will increase each year. At The Jakarta Marathon there will be also various art and culture festival from all over Indonesia”

Jakarta Marathon route will passing through some famous tourism landmark in Jakarta, such as the National Monument or Monas, Istiqlal Mosque which opposite Cathedral Church, the Old Town Area and Hotel Indonesia Roundabout.

The upcoming Jakarta Marathon will be held on October 27, 2013. There are six categories at the Jakarta Marathon; they are Full Marathon, Half-Marathon, 10K, 5K, Wheelchair and Children’s Sprint.

 For immediate registration, visit the Jakarta Marathon official website: www.thejakartamarathon.com  or sign up here


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