Sunday Question: On @CommuterLine Ticket

Well, managing this website is a bit difficult, since I have to post something new at least in every week. In order to do so, I just think that maybe I do need to do a kind of little survey on many things. The little survey will be used as materials for writing a new post. Sure, this survey is not an academic survey with complex indicators. It is just I need to know what people think about some certain issues.

I have to admit that this just a pop up idea when I read all the timeline on @JakartaByTrain. I do not use facebook, since Jakarta has been known as the most active tweeting city in the world.

So the first question is “Single Trip or Multi Trip” posted on 9:26 today.


The first respond made by Ammar Gill. He said “Multi Tripthe reason is; since it does not need to do daily transaction and can enter to the platform faster.

The second respond made by Lina. She said Multi trip since she did not want to queue

The third respond came from Zara Zetira P. Like the previous comment, she choose multi trip because it is easier, not need to queue and no expiry date

The final respond to the first question is made by CommuterLine Jakarta. This account (well, I do not the who is behind this account) also choose multi trip


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