Sunday Question: Talk about Public Toilet on the Commuter Train Stations

Another pop up question, since I wan to know the public respond when they heard about public toilet on any commuter train station. I just wonder, is there any public toilet in any commuter train station that has a good respond from commuter train users.

Today #sundayquestion was Toilet Stasiun KRL itu… (What about the public toilet on the Commuter Train Stations)

gambar toilet stasiun krl

The first respond came from CommuterLine Jakarta, it said “in each commuter train user home”

respond toilet stasiun 1

Second respond came from Damar Sugih Arto,He said that public toilet in Cawang Station is quiet clean and shiny, while in Lenteng Agung Station the toilet is already repaired

gambar respond toilet 2

The third respond came from Dewi Koma, she said that it is better if you not going into the toilet. She also said that no one can guaranteed the cleanliness.

gambar respond toilet 3 gambar respond toilet 3_1

The final respond came from Lina, she said that Public Toilet in Tanjung Barat Station is quite clean and shiny too.

gambar respond toilet 4

Well, this very short answer will not provide the complete perception of the commuter train user about the public toilet within the commuter train station.

Thank you for your participation


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