A Simple Guide to Stay at Jakarta

Well, internet does have the power currently, especially on spreading any information; the good news and the bad one. But Jakarta is different; maybe you heard much negative information about Jakarta and its surrounding area. If you have not yet visiting Jakarta, you have missed out on the many positives.

What is great about Jakarta? The voice about Jakarta is always about the traffic jam, poor public transportation, and also floods. But how loud is the voice about how amazingly friendly people around here. And how much the information is spreading about the building and traces of infrastructure influenced by the colonial times?

Nowadays Jakarta is moving. The current government is really working hard to settle the problem of traffic by building integrated mass rapid transit system. On the other hand, Jakarta also acts as a host for many events and also festivals.

Before you made your decision to take a holiday in Jakarta, feel free to read these simple tips, especially if you want to select your suitable place to stay

Traffic should be your primary consideration

If you want to stay in a hotel or budget hotel please consider the traffic. Location, Location, and location is still primary consideration, because it means completely something different in Jakarta. Even a short distance on map can translate into a long journey in the Jakarta traffic.

If you want to stay at Jakarta, you can pick some hotels that have many options for public transportation. My advice would be; take any hotel that close to the commuter line station. But, you can also pick any hotel that near the busway lane; my advice takes hotels along the Blok M – Jakarta Kota lane.

Other factors

I think the other factor that may influence your consideration is Proximity. You may consider stay at a hotel that near the museums, shopping center, place to eat, any other tourism spot, and also a dynamic and vibrant nightlife. Some other factors are the bank, safety, and also the prices.

Not to mention the budget hostel in Jalan Jaksa, the other hotels usually have a website and an email. Contact them and ask them anything you like. Make a little survey by visiting some travel website to equip you with more information.

Finally, happy hunting

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