Let’s go to Kampung Betawi at Kota Tua

Jakarta Tourism Board is is going to hold an event called Kampung Betawi (Kampong Betawi) at Kota Tua, aside from Jakarta Kota Station. The Kampung Betawi will be held from Saturday 16/ 11/2013 to Sunday, 17/11/2013.

Jakarta Tourism Board hopes that through the Kampung Betawi event, the Kota Tua will get more publicity as the city icon.

Arie Budhiman, Director of Jakarta Tourism Board, said this event will be enlivened by various festivals, which one of them is culinary festival. Kampung Betawi will also be festived with Betawi arts and cultures performances which are educative and explain how Betawi arts and cultures influence the existence of Jakartans nowadays.

Budhiman hopes the Kampung Betawi would attract more tourist and Jakartans to go to Kota Tua and he urged visitors not to bring private vehicles to the Kota Tua to reduce traffic congestion.


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