It is about Policy

Have you ever complain about terrible traffic jam in Jakarta? If you are a twitter user, you must spend your time tweeting anything during the “macet” or even put some complaint on the twitverse.

It is not completely your fault if you stuck in the traffic jam and you loudly complaint about it. For so many years, we have not seen any good policy how to build a better public transportation system in Jakarta and other big cities in Indonesia. We have no example also from our high rank public official that ever use the public transportation for their daily activities.

Once again, it is about policy. More likely the policy it self, leave us no favorable option. That is way, I disagree with this statement


But, once again I do like the illustration. I wonder if the government have a good policy on public transportation and we can have a better and healthy lifestyle. Do you agree?

Picture is taken from @GantiJakarta and according to the author it is licensed under CC-BY-NC


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