1…2…3… Cheese…!

As we already planned, the last Saturday (30/11) of Jakarta by Train Tour is about taking pictures. So the plan was the tour route was from Fatahillah Square and walk to the Port of Sunda Kalapa.

I took a train from Rawa Buntu Station at 7.40. The train was ok, no such technical problem and running smoothly from Rawa Buntu to Tanah Abang station. Since the rate decreased, there are so many people using CommuterLine services to have some weekend vacation with friends or families. Well, at weekend, you will see many children with their parents in every car.

When I arrived in Tanah Abang Station, I still have to wait a few minute for other train taking me to Manggarai Station. Well, I do take some picture, but focused on #trainfoot. Basically, I took peoples foot when they were on the station or when they were at the cars. Finally, at 8.30 I arrived at Manggarai Station.

After waiting for few minutes, I met Reza Praditya R, Ferdiansah M, and also Andin Aditya Rahman. Another guys was also approaching, it is Dwi Putranto (sorry Dude, I do not know your complete name)


And, finally we met with Pista Simamora, Dewitya Dianuary,Elis Yusnia, Fajria A. Ramadhanti, and Suhailiyah. So, here we are, 11 person take a train tour to Jakarta Kota Station


Finally, after a spent some few minutes on the train, we were arrived at Jakarta Kota Station. A little bit change of the plan. Because, we went to Museum Ceramics and Fine Art and see an exhibition of the Jakarta Biennale in the main hall of the museum

turkrl-berfoto turkrl-bola-jakartabiennale turkrl-jakartabiennale turkrl-memilih-foto turkrl-mengambil-foto

After we were pleased to see the exhibition, we decide to take a walk to Rumah Akar, Chinese House, and stop at Toko Merah. We are all went into the Toko Merah and see how big the house is. The entrance fee is Rp.10.000/person

dipenjara foto-di-tangga-toko-merah gantian-moto-toko-merah smile-at-toko-merah the-girl-with-the-white-tree-at-toko-merah tokomerah-inside

It definitely needs couple of minutes in Toko Merah before we went to Jembatan Gantung Kota Intan. I do not know with others, but I did not take any picture in here, because the bridge is under renovation. And some local people ask some money as an unofficial entrance fee to the bridge. Not really expensive, but annoying.

Well, the tour must go on, and we walk to the Museum Bahari.


All the participants went up to the Tower (or Menara Syahbandar) to take a look the scene of the North Jakarta Cost.


And yup, we go to the main building of the Museum Bahari

pintu-di-museum-bahari ruangan-di-museum-bahari

It was really hot, but we decide to continue our journey the the Sunda Kalapa Port. Well, I just found out, the entrance door next to the Museum Bahari was closed at Saturday and Sunday. So we go to the other entrance. And finally, the journeys were over here and see you guys

foto-kapal-dulu-ah girl-power-at-Sunda-Kalapa sampai-jumpa-lagi-di-tur-krl



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