Nasi Uduk Sederhana Babe H. Saman: Legendary Nasi Uduk in Tanah Abang

Kebon Kacang, Tanah Abang , Central Jakarta, since 1960 is widely known as an area that you can find many Nasi Uduk sellers. Stalls that offering typical Betawi culinary already entrenched in the region. Nasi Uduk Sederhana Babe H. Saman is one of the most famous and legendary Nasi Uduk stalls in Tanah Abang. The shops was opened its door since 1963 and some of the country figures like Ali Sadikin, Try Sutrisno, and Megawati Sukarnoputri was  ever tasted this delicacy Nasi Uduk.


The location of this stalls is not far from the junction of Jalan Kebun Kacang  1 and Jalan Kebun Kacang 9, or is about 200 meters from the Tanah Abang Block A market. As the name implies, the stall is simple . There are only four tables of wood wrapped in a green plastic table cloth, with a long seat made ​​of wood with a capacity of 24 visitors. This kind of nuance is still used since the stall opened its door.

Nasi Uduk Sederhana Babe H. Saman is open from 17 to 24 everyday. You can directly order the menu other than Nasi Uduk. The Nasi Uduk is already available on the table with fried onions as toppings. Nasi Uduk wrapped in a banana leaf cone. What makes this Nasi Uduk is very special is blend of its seasoning, which consists of coconut milk, lemongrass, bay leaves, ginger, and cloves.

The menu in the shop is quite diverse, there are fried chicken, shrimp satay, fried duck, fried tofu and tempeh, and some other typical Betawi food. But the fried chicken is usually chosen by the visitors of this stall. You can add the peanut sauce, which is not too spicy to taste. But if you are a spicy lover, please take the red chili sauce. Until you feel the sensation of spiciness in your mouth.

As a closing or opening, you can order a pickle Betawi . The contents of shredded cabbage and mustard, plus a slice of cucumber, fried peanuts sprinkled with vinegar seasoning. It tasted fresh.

If you feel thirsty, you can only order ice tea or orange juice.

How to get here (see the route map):

From Juanda / Gondangdia / Cikini go to platform 2 and take the Red Line/Blue Line heading to Bekasi/Depok/Bogor and stop at Manggarai. Go to platform 2/5 and take the Yellow Line heading to Angke/Jatinegara and stop at Tanah Abang. Take a 14 minutes walks to the southwest

From Sudirman go to platform 1 and take the Yellow Line heading to Angke/Jatinegara and stop at Tanah Abang. Take a 14 minutes walks to the southwest

See the link map or the map below


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