Museum Bank Mandiri to welcome the Indonesian Readers Festival 2013

For book lovers, Goodreads is a well known social media for many peoples. User of Goodreads can share book recommendations with other user or looking for more information about the book and author, and it is linked to a variety of people who have the same interests in books .

In Indonesia, there are communities called as Goodreads Indonesia, where the members are very active in world of literacy and therefore have a progress impact to create more people in Indonesia to have interest in reading books.

No wonder if eventually Goodreads Indonesia since 2010, held a big event called the Indonesia Readers Festival (Festival Pembaca Indonesia). The Indonesia Readers Festival is an annual event for readers which packed into recreational reading activities, such as workshop, talk show, book swap, book war, Indonesian Reader Award (Anugerah Pembaca Indonesia), and etc. The activities in IRF are quite exciting and educational. The play – educate concept that distinguishes this event with other major books events.


In 2013, the Indonesian Readers Festival will be held at Museum Bank Mandiri from 7 to 8 December 2013. The current theme for IRF 2013 is Harmoni Dunia Membaca

For more information please visit Indonesia Readers Festival website or follow @bacaituseru about #IRF2013


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