The winners are…

It is a pleasure for me and mas Danny to see there are a lot of pictures were shared by participant of the last #turkrl of the Jakarta by Train Photo Shoots Tour on Saturday, 30 November 2013. We do appreciate to you that already shared your photo through twitter, instagram, or path.

Mas Danny also really gave high appreciation to Andin Aditya Rahman which already uploads 15 pictures for the competition.

With many considerations, mas Danny select two winners, which are:

@ternyataFidi: Daylight @dannytumbelaka @jakartabytrain #SundaKelapa #port #turkrl


In general, the photographer will take a Phinisi boat or employees carry weight down / up to the boat (it is a human interest), while hunting photos at this location. It is fairly acceptable. The main point is; are we going to develop or sharpen our creativity and carefulness on site and on objects that are very much conserved person, to produce different kind of works. This point is I saw in the Fidi works.  He is very much creative to include and place the sun at his work; in the location and the object which already become the destination of Photo Hunt. Congratulation Fidi!

@redjaru: Sepeda @JakartaByTrain @dannytumbelaka #turkrl


I chose this picture because, this work successfully showing a location that we are familiar with a well known object, but given the “spice” to atmosphere of the past. I never opposed the use of filters or processing / engineering picture, let alone aesthetic end result contains elements that correspond to, for example, the title. I think Reza also successfully developed and honed sense to optimize the filter facility in engineered this photo. Congratulations Reza!

Once again, thank you for taking active part of the #turkrl and photo competition

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