In 2015, from Bekasi to Kuningan only need 39 minutes with Monorail

PT Adhi Karya (Persero) Tbk expects the presidential decree for for construction of the Jakarta monorail (East Bekasi – Cawang , Cibubur – Cawang , Cawang – Kuningan and Kuningan – Palmerah) is ready next year. Kiswodarmawan, Director of Adhi Karya said that there has been no legal protection for Jakarta Monorail.

Kiswodarmawan added, if the President Decree is already issued, it is only need 18 month for the construction, since the concept for of 52 kilometers railways has been compiled entirely. PT Adhi Karya plans to work on 7,3 trillion rupiahs projects in a consortium with a number of other state-owned enterprises .

Director of Public Communication of Ministry of Transportation, Bambang S. Ervan said the draft presidential regulation is still under consultation with the Ministry of Economic Affairs on the direct designation clause to PT Adhi Karya . He added that there has been no final decision.

Bekasi – Jakarta monorail project is targeted to be operational in 2015. The monorail is expected have speed of 80 kilometers per hour and headway will be 5-6 minutes. These monorail could carry passengers from East Bekasi to Kuningan in 39 minutes only.


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