8 December 2013: Use your BCA Flazz card as @CommuterLine ticket

Sukendar, Director of Public Relation of PT KAI DAOP I, said that the company will implement the use of BCA Flazz Card to use as Commuter Line ticket since 8 December 2013. The plan is according to the agreement made by PT KCJ and BCA.

Sukendar added the passengers still can use the current ticket, but the users of BCA Flazz may also use their card as Commuter Line ticket. It is just an option for passengers. The BCA Flazz Card can be reload at the station and other merchant

@HaloBCA through their twitter account also confirmed this happy news. But the BCA Flazz Card need to activate in the Commuter Line station.


@HaloBCA also said that all BCA Flazz Card including the other Co-Branding Flazz card can be used as Commuter Line e-ticket



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