Jonan: April 2014, 180 used train cars from Japan could be operated

Ignasius Jonan, President Director of PT KAI, said that the company will operate the 180 used train cars from Japan to operate in April 2014. The arrival of 20 train cars from Japan on 4/12/2013 is the arrival of the third stage in the procurement of 180 units of train cars.

PT KAI hope that by early January 2014, a total of 70 units have been operated and until April 2014 will reach 180 units. Currently, the maximum number of train passengers in Jakarta is already reach 600,000 passengers per day.

With the addition 180 train cars, the company targets to transport up to 750,000 passengers per day in Jakarta. Jonan also said that the company is already spent around Rp 200 billion for the whole of the used train cars.


Upon arriving at the Port of Tanjung Priok, the train will be brought to the Manggarai for assembly and re-construct the interior and exterior. The trains will start operation after receiving certification from the Ministry of Transportation. The certification process is expected to take up to a month.

Note: picture is taken from here

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