#ngupingKRL : Babi Panggang Karo

#ngupingKRL : Babi Panggang Karo

As usual, on December 6, 2013, I was use the Commuter Line to go to the office. Commuter Line which brought me was heading to Tanah Abang from Serpong. Near me, there are 4 people consisting of 3 males and 1 female. It looks like they’re looking for work or internship

When Commuter Line was stopped in Palmerah station, I heard a conversation as follows:

Girl: Guys, if I want to go to the BPK*, is it the nearest station?

Boy 1: yes BPK, Not Babi Panggang Karo (Karo Pig Roast) right?

Girl: (annoyed face) definitely not that BPK

Boy 2: Yes, if you want to go the BPK (State Audit Board), you should stop here

Me: *smiling

*) BPK = Badan Pemeriksa Keuangan / State Audit Board


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