#ngupingKRL : A Gentleman on a train

Well, early this morning, as usual, I try to catch up my train to Sudirman Station. This morning, when I was at Tanah Abang Station, I see a couple entering the same train as me. The man was carrying a heavy weight bag.

I notice them, since it is unusual, carrying such heavy bag on a train. Well, maybe they want to move to other place. At the train cars, no seat leave for me, but the couple got a seat on a priority seat. The women lift the heavy bag on the baggage space. And the man sat while the woman was standing.

It is weird rite? Suddenly, I heard the woman said “Sudah duduk saja Abi, aku tak bisa duduk disebelahmu, tak ada tempat lagi untukku” (Please sit Abi, I can’t seat next to you, no space left for me).

Well, the priority seat is only for three persons, at the priority seat there were already two men sitting there.

Then, I see the man stood up and insist her to replace him to sit. At the moment, I just saw him and got surprised; he is a blind man because he holds a stick.

The man said to her, “kamu duduk saja, aku saja yang berdiri” (please have a sit, I will stand) and he was smiling to the woman.

The woman said and smiling back at him “Terima kasih” (Thank you)


Note: illustration picture is taken from here


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