What to do in case of Emergency on @CommuterLine

Today, in Kompasiana, there was a post tells condition inside the train car when the train accident happened yesterday.The point of the post is about, that there was no emergency feature that worked at that time.  The door was not open and the passenger could not find any hammer to break the window.

According to Dhimas Wahyu on his twitter account, in the commuter line cars from Japan, there is no such emergency hammer to break the window. But, inside the train care, there are an air valve that can be used to unlock the train door, so the train door easily open by hand.

Another person, Anisa Rizki Indrian also confirmed the same story

 But the strange story came out from Ignasius Jonan, President Director of PT KAI.  Tribunnews reported that Jonan denied that the absence of a glass breaking tool inside the train cars so hundreds of passengers had trouble getting out of the train car.

Whatever it is, the company should have the safety instructions in an emergency situation inside the train car and also in the station. The good statement was made by Boediono, Vice President of Republik Indonesia in his twitter account.

He said that He ordered the PT KAI or the Ministry of Transportation Communications to check the safety equipment in or outside the train car.

He also urged the President Director of PT KAI to do education on safety for commuter line passenger.

The Vice President also asked the company to create safety instructions posted on all trains on what to do in case of an accident.

 Well, I never see that kind of safety instruction anyway, have you?


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