A guideline to prevent Sexual Harassment in public place and public transportation

I just saw this lovely guideline from @_perEMPUan_. The guideline is all about how to prevent sexual harassment for women in public places or public transportation. This guideline is written by Astrid Malahayati Fatma and R. Rika Rosianti,

In the opening page, it said

“This guideline is based on the writer experience as an active user of public transportation for many years. Not only intended to share the experience, but also can give you tips and tricks on the prevention of sexual harassment in public transportation in Indonesia

Hopefully, our paper is useful and can contribute significantly to reduce the phenomenon of women who experience sexual harassment in public transportation

We hope this book can have a long-term effect for society in the form of social control to stop sexual harassment that occurred, or also for the central or regional governments to improve the quality of comfort and security of the public transportation especially for women”

It is a useful guideline especially for women who take on public transportation. Do you want to have it? Just download it here


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