2014: Ministry of Transportation to build Rp700 Billion Elevated Loop Line Railways Project

The Ministry of Transportation in 2014 will begin to build loop line railways or circular railways for commuter line in Jakarta. The elevated trains were built to eliminate train crossing in the capital city.

Bambang Susantono, Deputy Minister of Transportation, said is needs a lot of debate between using of elevated loop line railways or to build a flyover or underpass. But the study from Bappenas said it is better to have elevated loop line railways to anticipate shorter headway. Bambang added that the construction of the loop line railways will begin next year. The funds that had been prepared is Rp700 billion from Rp 9 trillion needed for the entire loop line railways

The first development will be done for the area east of Jakarta because the terrain is considered easier. Western part alone is fairly heavy work, because in the western region there are many flyovers that make detailed engineering design (DED) is becoming increasingly more complicated.

With the enactment of fund to build the elevated loop line railways, the Jakarta administration funds are used to build flyovers and underpasses will be diverted to other points.


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