A story from @jalurserpong : It is Fun to take a ride on Commuter Line

A few days ago, I had the opportunity to do a written interview with some member of @jalur_serpong community. @jalur_serpong community is a community formed due to the initiative of making a twitter @jalur_serpong by Ismi.

As part of a community of always use Commuter Line services on Green Line, we will get many valuable and interesting information from the members of @jalur_serpong, including how they enjoy the atmosphere of density in the Commuter Line.

For example is Nur Fitria or @triaklew. Women who love to be called Fitri and work as a secretary at an office located in Matraman. She has been using the service since the Green Line when the line is still one track railways a long time ago.

“I have fun time by riding Commuter Line since I may know the train operator, train dispatcher, the station announcer, and Trainman Company. And I can make a new friend and do some sports inside the train car (because I have to push people to enter the train car in the crowded situation) , and I got a free spa if the commuter line air conditioning is not working well ” said Fitri

Similar situation is also perceived by Rizki Andriani Perdana or @TherealChessa. She feels the ride is fun because commuter line is faster than other public transportation and if train was late from the schedule, she is still able to predict the time.

“I myself prefer to huddle in the Commuter Line train car compared if I must contend with traffic congestion in Jakarta which has been very severe” said Chessa.

Agustine Ernawati or @mrspramudhito also told the same things. She said “Faster. Because as a mother, time is very precious to me, to get home as soon as possible”


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