A Story from @jalurserpong : We need more train on Green Line

If you ever search on twitter, there are so much more complaint on Commuter Line services. You can see it from @krlmania or even any twit that mention @commuterline. There is an account @kabarbaikdariCL that twitting some good news from Commuterline.

But the fact remain the same, the service of Commuter Line is not really good. One of the problems is the lack number of commuter line train that served in those 6 lines. Here are some comments from @jalur_serpong community member

Windy Desyana Pratiwi or @windydp is already used the commuter line services since 2007 to date. And she does hope that more public transportation in Jakarta so the people will no longer riding on their private vehicles. But it should be safe and comfort too and also all the facilities are well maintained.

She said “I want more train on Green Line, and I wish PT KAI will add more on next year”

While Franscisca Ayu Widya Paxtriseli Ranti or @chika_ranti is wishing that the Commuter Line is more comfort and more safe. She also wants the commuter line have more cars and schedule.

“Hopefully in the future there will be integrated payment system of all mass transportastion in Greater Jakarta, since it will be easier to switch between commuter line, monorail, MRT, and also TransJakarta” She said

The same comment comes from Prana Mudyautama or @prana_ipank.

“Generally, I hope there would be more improvement on the schedule, improvement of facilities, integration of all mass transportation, and also need more education to the passengers”


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