Jakarta to Operate Double Decker Buses

Jakarta Administration to operate double decker buses for tourists to increase the number of tourists visiting the capital city. The first five double-decker buses will be operated on January 2014 and will serve Tanah Abang – Bundaran Hotel Indonesia route.

Basuki T. Purnama, Vice Governor, said that the first trial phase is to Tanah Abang Block G. The Jakarta Administration also immediately operating other route such as Monas – Blok M and also the Old City. “But it is only the number of buses is sufficient” He added.

Basuki also explain that the buses will be friendly to the persons with disabilities as well as tourists to get around the capital. “We want to follow the Singapore buses that really friendly to the persons with disabilities. Here, we do it gradually” He said.

The city administration had ordered 5 buses with combination of color of blue and yellow and reads “City Tour Jakarta ‘. Each bus has 60 passengers capacity. But the buses is not open on the top due the smoke pollution in Jakarta is still high

picture is taken from here


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