City: About Revival and Collapse at National Gallery

The City is the beginning of civilization, culture, mental, religious, and ideas smelting. In order to seek a better life, security, freedom, and prosperity, hundreds of thousands of people every day around the world are migrate from rural to urban. The city may provide greater opportunities but also hide many dangers such as; poverty, crime and anonymity and recent social inequality that characterizes many metropolitan city.

How is life in Tokyo, Manila, Lagos, Las Vegas, Berlin, Minsk, and Gaza? Eighteenth photographers under Ostkreuz agency, browse to find the essence of contemporary urban reality. From 22 cities around the world they solidify their personal impressions into photographic essays – a unique long -term project.

To commemorate 20 years Ostkreuz, its members conceptualize the exhibition called CITY about Revival and Collapse, which since 2010 exhibited in many countries. From 24 January to 7 February 2014, more than 150 photos will be displayed in Gedung A National Gallery.


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