Jakarta by Train Go West Tour

It has been a long time we do not organize any tour because of the massive floods that hits Jakarta for several times since December 2013. In March, we have a plan to organize another tour that we called “Jakarta by Train Go West Tour”.

The tour aims to give Jakarta citizens in knowing some point of interest located Tangerang, specially the Old Town of Tangerang. The Jakarta by Train Go West Tour” will be organized on Saturday, 15th March 2014, with meeting point at Manggarai Station, 8.30 am.

jakartabytrain.com has set a route for this tour: Boen Tek Bio Temple and Museum Benteng Heritage, both are located in Tangerang. Participant in this tour will use Jakarta Commuter train services to visit the mentioned spots. The trip to both locations will be reach by walking from Tangerang station.

Each participant should be paying their own expenses on the ticket train and the entrance fee to each spot. Jakartabytrain.com will not provide food and beverages during the trip. Each participant should bring their own food and beverage supply.

To sign up for the tour, just join the Jakarta by Train Mailing List. Just sign up by sending empty email and no subject to jbtmilis+subscribe[at]googlegroups[dot]com


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