A hat is needed while visiting Jakarta

Jakarta is widely known as big durian. It is definitely reflect the life in the city. It is thorny on the outside but full promises on the inside. Just like the smell of Durian, people either love it or hate it.

Famous heavy traffic jams, searing heat, and coupled with air pollution are certainly not pleasant for foreign tourists who come to Jakarta. But still, Jakarta is the city of dream, anything you can find in the capital.

There are many ways to make friends with the condition of Jakarta, especially to make hot and humid weather as your friend in Jakarta. One way is to use a hat, but it certainly that you can’t pick any hat. Once you choose the wrong hat, it can be quite fatal for your appearance.


A right and proper hat is not only protects you from the heat, but also make you look good. To find a suitable hat for you is bit tricky and can be waste your valuable time when you visiting Jakarta. Although Jakarta have a better public transportation rather than other cities in Indonesia, such as Commuter Line and also TransJakarta busway, but still, you need to dedicated time to go to many different shopping center or markets.

If time is the problem, you should log on to the internet. Do the online shopping may help you to save some of your time. One of my favorite online shopping website is the Zalora. Zalora is the fashion online shopping malls that can help you to find your perfect hat. They have hat for men and also for women. They have many amazing models for hat, so it helps you to find the right hat to make you look good.

The nicest thing about Zalora is the fact that they provide many channels for payment. You can pay by using your credit card or you can make payment by Cash on Delivery (CoD). So no need to worry, all you have to do is just Enjoy Jakarta


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