6 types of @CommuterLine Passengers that should not be Imitated

According to @vennyindri, there are six types of passenger that should not be emulated.

The first is that the passenger that can’t wait for passengers who want to get off the train. It’s quite annoying, because in fact if we want to step aside and let the passengers that will come out the train, the process of getting in and out of the Commuter Line passengers will be faster and we will not have any pushing and yelling incidents among the passengers.

The second is the passenger who is standing near the train car door that lazy to give way to passengers who will go out. It also annoying for the same reason as the first point. If they want to step aside for a moment the process of getting in and out of the Commuter Line passengers will be faster and smoother

The third is that the passenger who sitting on the floor and / or use a folding chair inside the train car. If the train is still loose, it might be understandable (although it is actually forbidden by law). But if the passengers has started full, but they just remaining sit in the floor or use a folding chair, this is very detrimental to the other passengers. They’re wasting spaces.

The fourth is passengers who like spitting and / or littering inside the Commuter Line. In addition of disrespectful and contaminate Commuter Line, it is also make other passengers uncomfortable.

The fifth is the passenger who carrying a super big bag. Sure, the issue of luggage size is the sole responsibility of the passenger. But if we can bring smaller bags for work it will help to reduce congestion inside the Commuter Line and gives a bit of breathing space for other passengers

And the last is the passenger who likes to force to sit between passengers despite knowing its narrow space.


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