@vennyindri : 3 Types of Commuter Line Passengers

This time jakartabytrain.com had the opportunity to interview one of the Commuter Line Passenger @jalur_serpong. Venny Indri Christiyanti , owner of the account @vennyindri, share her opinion about the various types of Commuter Line passenger with us

In conversation with jakartabytrain.com, @vennyindri admitted that she already use the Commuter Line service since 2009 but at that time she chose to ride the  non air conditioned Commuter Line (KRL Economy). @vennyindri more frequently riding Commuter Line since the end of July 2013 as she began to work at full time basis

She said there are three major groups of Commuter Line passengers

The first group is the Employees. This type of people is certainly using the Commuter Line every day for commuting from home to their office. They already “familiar” with all kinds of things that related to the Commuter Line, including the delayed scheduled of Commuter Line, passenger density during the rush hours, even they memorized the train code number. The group, in my opinion, arguably is the most “civilized” groups of commuter line passengers.

The second group is the Non formal workers. Just as the employee groups, people in this group also uses Commuter Line for commuting from home to the capital. This group may be a little “different” from the employees group and it can be seen from the way they dressed. I am assuming that they are people who “forcibly migrated” from non air conditioned Commuter Line (KRL Ekonomi). The behavior of people in this groups sometime annoying, ranging from love to talk in a loud voice, making unimportant jokes, listening to music with loudspeaker, and other activities which actually disturb other passengers .

The last is the non – workers group. They do not work so they are not riding Commuter Line too frequent because they have to go to a place or just do some adventurous journey with Commuter Line. Actually they are not the kind of passengers that “familiar” with the Commuter Line, but they chose Commuter Line services because they can save time and money too. Usually they are popping up on weekends (Saturday – Sunday) while bringing son, daughter, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and sometimes they do some “Picnic” (eating, roll out mat or newspaper) in the Commuter Line. They sometimes appear at Weekdays but pick the wrong time (rush hours) and grumbles because passenger density during rush hours.

Well, the first and second groups have a little problem with passenger density during rush hour in weekdays, since that “scenic” is common anyway.


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