Jakarta Old City to Host Fiesta Fatahillah

Fiesta Fatahillah, a cultural festival, will be held on March 13 to mark the planned renovation of the historical sites of Kota Tua (Old City). The festival will have a series of events including a traditional food festival and video mapping. The food festival, held from March 13 to 16 from 17 – 22 and it would offer 40 varieties of traditional dishes

The project is carried out by the Jakarta Old Town Revitalization Corporation (JOTRC) and cultural group Jakarta Endowment for Art and Heritage (Jeforah), which was established in September, 2013. The JOTRC is a consortium comprising 11 private companies and state-owned enterprises. They begun renovating several buildings in Kota Tua as well as organizing various cultural activities.

According to Goenawan Mohamad, the President of Jeforah, this event is organized to attract the public and complement the re-launch of the renovated PT Pos Indonesia building. The festival would start with the opening of Jakarta Contemporary Art Space and Visitor Center. The Jakarta Contemporary Art Space and Visitor Center will serve as a visitor center that provide as an information center for any party wishing to be involved in the Old Town revitalization. This visitor center targets prospective investors and various experts (for example architects, designers, urban planners, etc.) to offer cohesive service in the activities surrounding the Old Town’s revitalization

Lin Che Wei, a capital market analyst who chairing the consortium said that Jeforah and JOTRC will try to return Kota Tua into a economically viable area by telling stories of its history, to create interest and attract more visitors

Hopefully, this event will attract artists and people in the creative industry to help develop Kota Tua into an icon of the nation.

For more information please follow @fatahillahfood


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