Fiesta Fathillah Rocks!

Ever since the official announcement of the Fiesta Fatahillah on Friday afternoon (13/4), I made no hesitation in attending it. The primary reason why I want to attend the event is because of the video mapping show at the event.

According to the official schedule, Fiesta Fatahillah starts at 17:00 and ends at 22:00. But, since I am quite aware of the delay culture in Indonesia, I believe the event would not start at at 17:00. So I decided to depart at 17:00 instead when the Fiesta Fatahillah was scheduled to commence. I departed from Manggarai station at 17.30 and arrived at Jakarta Kota Station around 18:00.


Then I walked to the event located at Fatahillah Square. I only needed to walk for five minutes from the Jakarta Kota Station to Fatahillah Square. The traffic around Jakarta Kota Station was quite convenient, because as I recall there is no crossing sign to cross between the Jakarta Kota station and the Fatahillah Square.


First thing that I witnessed was the entrance gate to the Fiesta Fatahillah.


After entering the gate, I saw a number of “living sculptures” and a row of old-fashioned bicycles, which usually are the focal point for tourists in Fatahillah Square.

bike-fiesta-fatahillah patung-hidup-fiesta-fatahillah

There were also two big screens on the left and right of the Jakarta History Museum.


In my opinion the most interesting part is the play of light that played in the Jakarta History Museum and also at the Fatahillah Post Office.

light-kantor-pos-fatahillah light-museum-sejarah-jakarta

What was especially cool was the video mapping performance because the video tells the tale of why the Jakarta government felt the need to revitalize the Old City and how the Jakarta Administration needed to cooperate with many parties.

video-mapping-fiesta-fatahillah video-mapping-museum-sejarah-jakarta

Even the Jakarta Governor provided an introduction in the video mapping performance.


There were also opening remarks and a welcome speech from the Jakarta Governor.

If you are tired and hungry, you can stop by to the Food Festival which serves over 40 delicious meals to taste.


And if you want to take photographs as a momento of you attending the Fiesta Fatahillah, photo booth are also provided in the Fatahillah Square area.


I do hope that the grandeur night atmosphere at Fatahillah Square will be long lasting and not only take place during the Fiesta Fatahillah.

There were also people tweeting about attending the Fiesta Fatahillah.




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