What is #turKRL ?

Many people are asking, what is the concept and real objective of Jakarta By Train Tour (JBT Tour) or Tur KRL (#turKRL) itself. Some of them thought that JBT Tour is a tour with rigid schedule and involves speakers or competent sources, while using the Commuter Line as the main transportation. Not only that, some of them also thought that JBT Tour needs some kind of sign up fee and they must participate in all programs.

What we should know is that JBT Tour is more likely a routine gathering for all the readers of jakartabytrain.com and the members of jbtmilis. Due to the nature of JBT Tour as a gahering, the main activities of this event is meet up, getting to know each other, enjoying the trip with the train, while also sharing stories and experiences.

For that reason, there is no obligation for sign-up fee neither the obligation to participate for all programs. There is no need for food supply, t-shirts, beverages, or dress code, which are usually mandatory for other type of tours.

JBT Tour is a gathering, hence every person is responsible for their own need (food, beverages, and other personal stuffs). It is impossible to make a rigid schedule for JBT Tour, as it is not like any other tour but merely a gathering—kopdar you may say in Bahasa Indonesia.

Because it is a gathering or kopdar, the cost during the trip depends on the participants themselves. Whether it is cheap or expensive, the participants will decide. Similar treatment also applies for the time allocation. Each participant has freedom to participate in all programs or quit in the middle of the trip.

So why we should do it in the train station and using Commuter Line? Because we want to explore Greater Jakarta with Commuter Line. And why we should meet at Manggarai Station? Because it is easier to find and it is a Central Interchange Station, which makes it easier to go everywhere we want.

There is also a question, should we always use Commuter Line all the time? No. However, the main transportation is Commuter Line. We could always use other mode of transportation as is a feeder to use Commuter Line as the main mode of transportation

And, of course, JBT Tour wants to encourage many people as possible to explore Jakarta and Greater Jakarta with train.


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