Jakarta to Contribute Financing the Loop Line Elevated Railway.

After the fatal railroad crossing collision happened on December 2013 at Pondok Betung, Bintaro, Jakarta. The Jakarta administration will go ahead with a tabled plan to build underpasses and overpasses at several dangerous crossings across the capital.

Previously, the city administration also had a plan to construct seven overpasses and three underpasses to reduce traffic and accident. However the plan was shelved, since the central government decided to build an elevated train loop line connecting Manggarai-Tanah Abang-Duri-Senen-Jatinegara-Kampung Bandan-Kemayoran-Manggarai.

The work on the loop-line elevated railway, which will cost an estimated Rp 9.5 trillion, is expected to begin in 2014, with the first phase covering the eastern loop line linking Manggarai-Jatinegara-Senen-Kampung Bandan. For this project, the central government has allocated Rp 700 billion from the 2014 state budget.

Joko Widodo, Jakarta Governor, announced his plan to contribute to the loop line elevated railways project. He said that the city contribution is aim to expedite the project completion but need the City Council’s approval first. The Govenor hopes that the project will be completed by 2017.

The Ministry of Transportation and the Jakarta Administration had agreed to inspect the planned construction sites, including a number of existing public transportation stations. Both parties would like to check out the Sudirman/Dukuh Atas Station since the station will accommodate different modes of transportation like buses, mass rapid transit [MRT] and the future airport train and monorail.

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