How can I Submit an article for

A few days ago, someone asked me through @JakartaByTrain, which is actually an easy question about “How do I send an article?” A really simple question, but it took me to write this article.

Since the beginning, this blog is intended as a social site, or what is now called as user generated content. This means that every person who is registered on this site can produce content of posts and pictures. Never cross in my mind, that this website is intended to be a mainstream media just like other media. So yes, I am more than happy to call it a social blog.

Why the choice is social blog? Because I think it would be great if someone share their experience wherever they traveled with CommuterLine to visit any tourism destination in Greater Jakarta, they can share their experiences through this blog.


In short I said, if you want to send an article, please just register on the registration form. And once you’ve registered, all you have to do is logged in and immediately produce your content, without having to go through a special editing process. Even if there is a need of editing, it is just to make the article look better.

In addition, for the Indonesian articles, this blog also provides a special category in JakartaByTrain-ID. This category is created since I got an advice from my good friend. He said that it’s good to have a special category for Bahasa Indonesia because we live in Indonesia

The Illustration is taken from here


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