A story from Classic Doors in Benteng Heritage Museum

What is the interesting point of a door?  This question arose by my friend when I told her about the “magic door” that I found in an old building in Tangerang. But the question is true indeed, because there is actually no something special about a door. Yes, you can talk about decoration in the door that can transform a door become very expensive and well fascinate.

But this door that I encountered is not just an ordinary door. It’s a very old-fashioned door and have a key system that is different from the key system that we can found nowadays. But for us, if we were not familiar with the key systems in the door, we would obviously difficult to open it.


The door in my story can be found when we visited Benteng Heritage Museum. In this museum, on the second floor, there are two ancient doors. If the doors were locked from the inside, it is not easy to open it again from the inside. The key is just using a large wooden beams slot and once it has been locked, the door will be locked perfectly.

So how do I open it? It was a question from my friend when I showed her the door. I smiled and explained that ancient door is already using the technology that is currently known as “touch screen technology” .

Note the picture below, the wood slots exist in two places, at the top and bottom. You can slide lower lock easly. But for the upper slots it would be difficult if we do not know the key to open it. The key is you have to find a hidden hole inside the bottom slot. Just touch it, push, and you can open it.


Would you like to try it?


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  1. Devi Susanti says:

    Classic Doors.
    Now use the touch screen


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