Government Pledges to Increase @CommuterLine Travel Frequency

Nowadays the govenment cannot add more travel frequency of CommuterLine . If there more travel for commuterline, it will have an impact on long queue on traffic crossing. The government plans to build two elevated railways for loop line in Jakarta.

Hanggoro Budi Wiryawan, Director of Traffic and Railways of the Ministry of Tranportation, in a discussion of transportation in Tarumanegara University, Jakarta ( 19/04/2014) is explaining that the elevated railways will be built with two path, the east and the west. The governments need Rp. 10 trillion to develop the elevated railways. The funds will be taken from the central government budget and using the multiyear financing scheme.

The length of the elevated railways is almost 20-25 kilometers. The east side from Jatinegara  – Jakarta Kota and the West Side from Manggarai – Tanah Abang – Dukuh Atas – Jakarta Kota. Currently the Ministry of Transportation is conducting a study on the basic design of the loop line. Once the basic design is completed, then the Ministry will offer the project to the investors. The construction of the East Path is priority and the construction is projected will take 4-5 years.

Hanggoro said the West Path is more complicated since the Dukuh Atas will be integrated with the monorail, CommuterLine, Express Line, and also MRT.

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