May Day 2014 at Bunderan HI

Today is the May Day. Many labor unions are united and join to commemorate the International Labor Day. Last year, President Yudhoyono announced that the May Day as official national holidays. The unions demand higher wages, better health care, no more outsourcing work, and more workplace protections.

I am not joining the protest or following the rallies at Bunderan HI. I just took some picture on the historic moment of this May Day.


There are a lot of buses were park at the main road of the capital


A group of member unions is gather to consolidate with other members


Of course, the rallies itself

kasbi-members mayday-and-sepultura-at-bunderan-hi workers-rallies-at-bunderan-hi giant-poster-and-the-workers-at-bunderan-hi holding-the-union-flag-at-bunderan-hi unions-uniform-at-bunderan-hi

But, sometime we need to take a rest for a while


Even the police officers and the unions members need to take a break


Or some member unions try to bargain the price of glasses


And take some picture of their friend


A journalist (perhaps) conduct live report in the middle of rallies


Mass rally means bigger benefit for street traders, there are a lot of street vendors at Bunderan HI


Well, I just know there is a skinhead group forming a worker party



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