Pre-wedding Photography: Basic Tips for Couples To Find Good Location at Jakarta

Most couples, basically wants to make “an unlike others pre-wedding photos”. One of the key cards is about the theme and also concept that you like to have. But sometimes there are some things are left behind so that the photo doesn’t look nice, especially when it comes about location.

There are many photos looks beautiful because of the location. But still, you need to choose a location that suit to the agreed concept, not just because that location looks beautiful. You can find many nice locations that you can find in Jakarta such as beach, park, old buildings, historic places, museums, cafés/restaurants or maybe one of the historic Commuter Line Stations.

But you must remember, too much background will distract the viewer’s attention away from your photos. Just remember to keep as simple as possible. If you can’t find a good location, at least your photographer knows the best angle for your photos.

After knowing the desired location, you should find out more about the location. Find out a few things such as whether the location is eligible to be a place of pre-wedding photos, how much it will cost if the you should rent the location, Do you have to have a specific permit from certain parties, if any permissions is given how long it might took time, and other little things that you should know before the shooting is done.


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