1 June 2014: More Schedules for @CommuterLine

PT KAI Commuter Jabodetabek (PT KCJ) will add more schedules for Commuter Line in the entire Greater Jakarta on 1 June 2014. Eva Chairunisa, Communication Manager of the PT KCJ, said the addition of the trip was 589 in 2013 to 638 trips in 2014. This year, the company is targeting to have more than 800 trips.

The Commuter Line schedule is began at 04.04 and ended at 23:30. Eva explains Blue Line will add 18 trips, the Green Line will add 20 trips, the Brown Line will add 10 trips and the Red Line will have another one trip. The KCJ will add two Commuter Line series for Green Line and one Commuter Line series to the Red Line.

According to Eva, additions and changes to the Commuter Line itinerary is adjust to changes in schedules of train travel to and from Java. Eva Chairunnisa hope the addition of these schedules can increase the public interest in using the Commuter Line services

Download the latest CommuterLine schedule here


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