More Ways to Pay CommuterLine ticket

Basically, PT KCJ already provide to kind of CommuterLine ticket, which are; Multi Trip Ticket and also the Single Trip ticket. Nowadays, to travel with CommuterLine, you can also use other kind of payment service from Indonesian Bank.

The company is already makes some agreement with some banks to integrate the payment system. Now, everyone who wants to travel with CommuterLine may use any kind of electronic money issued by BCA, BNI, BRI, and Mandiri.

BCA have the flazz card, BRI have the Brizzi, BNI have the Tap Cash, and Bank Mandiri already issue the most popular electronic money; the E Money. The process is quite easy to use this electronic money. All you have to do is just activate the electronic money in the CommuterLine station. The machine usually located near the ticket counter in each CommuterLine station.

After the activation, user your electronic money to tap in and tap out at the CommuterLine electronic gate


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