The Incomplete Journey: A Search for Legendary Tower in Jakarta

This time there will be a series of article that talks about my journey to find the legendary tower in Jakarta. That tower might be already forgotten by most residents of the city, when the tower was once a part of the success of Jakarta.

According to vivanews, there are two versions of the Kemayoran name. The first version is because Dutch Army dormitory that was built on that area and inhabits by the major. And the name of the area then transformed into Kemayoran. While the second version thus may be more valid because it specifies in Plakaatboek (Van der Chijs XIV: 536), and in an ad in the Java Government Gazette February 24, 1816.

Well, I do not want to argue which version had more authentic version of the name Kemayoran. But clearly, in this area there was the first International Airport in Indonesia. This airport was built in 1934 and officially opened on 8 July 1940.

The glorious moment of Kemayoran Airport started to sunk, since the government was decide to transfer the international flight to Halim Perdana Kusumah Airport in 1975. The airport with the KMO code finally had stopped operating on 1 January 1983 and formally ceased operations on 1 June 1984 since the opening of the Soekarno Hatta International Airport.


Just follow my journey to find the legendary and almost forgotten Tower of the Kemayoran Airport with titles like “Incomplete Journey”. Why use the title “Incomplete Journey “? There are no particular reasons, but I never enter to the tower.

  1. The Incomplete Journey: The Flight 714
  2. The Incomplete Journey: The Search was Begin
  3. The Incomplete Journey: From a Plan for Museum to Online Petition to Rescue



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