The Incomplete Journey: The Flight 714

Initially I was not too concerned about Kemayoran Airport. I knew that the location has already changed and it’s no longer an airport. The area is already transformed into one of the business district in Jakarta. Until one day a friend told me about Kemayoran Airport.

My friend, who is a fan of the Tintin, tells me that in one of the Tintin comic, Tintin ever been to Indonesia and had stop in Kemayoran Airport. He urged me to set out the Kemayoran Airport in the Destination list on this website. I just smiled, and promised that I would someday write about Kemayoran Airport

From this point of my hunt was started, and I began to look for any information about Tintin and the Kemayoran Airport. Well, I found the “Flight 714“. According to this kompasiana page, Tintin was not only transit but the story was located in Indonesia


I also found out that Kemayoran Airport was the first International airport in Jakarta, maybe the first at Dutch East Indies. Based on government records, it was mentioned that Kemayoran Runaway was built in 1934 by the Dutch East Indies government and started inaugurated as the International Airport on July 8, 1940. The Airport was managed by Koninklijke Nederlands Indische Luchtvaart Maatschappy (KNILM). In addition, the airport’s first air show was held along with the birthday ceremony of the King of the Netherlands on 31 August 1940.

The problem is I never know the exact location of the tower of the Kemayoran Airport. But if I look at some photos of the tower of Kemayoran Airport, it looks like it is located in front of the Jakarta International Expo

Well, I started looking for the location of the nearest station to Jakarta International Expo and gotcha, Rajawali Station is the nearest station. I am desperate to look for the tower since I saw this very nice video of the Kemayoran Airport Tower

Note: All pictures and videos are taken from its script and embed in this post, please remember of the copyrights on each image and video

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