The Incomplete Journey: A Search was Begin

Starting from Tintin and information regarding the existence of Kemayoran Airport Tower , then I started to look for the estimated point of the Kemayoran Airport tower. What is clear is the benchmark of the Jakarta International Expo, and it is only take 19 minutes walk from Rajawali Station

Initially I was quite excited to find it, since I will visit the ATC tower, again, according to the picture there are two towers. And I am pretty sure that I will be able to explore both the tower and share the story in here


Saturday morning (14/06/2014), I was ready in Tanah Abang station to wait for @CommuterLine that will take me to the Rajawali Station. In my head, I have already prepared to take the pictures of the legendary tower. And when I arrived in Rajawali Station, I asked the Security Officer (PKD) in Rajawali Station the way to the JI EXPO. Based on the information obtained, I simply took Mikrolet No. 53 on Jl. Industry and the mikrolet will stop near the entrance of the JI Expo.

It did not take long for the trip to the JI Expo by Mikrolet. From the entrance gate, I asked some people about the location of the ATC Tower of Kemayoran Airport. The Ojeg driver told me that the location is is near Mega Glodok Kemayoran. Well, I just smile, since I know it should be close to JI Expo. From local residents, I was shown the same direction that it turns surrounded by a high fence with the reservoir inside. Well, I do not know whether it is real reservoir or not, but I can see very clear from a distance of the legendary tower


It’s kinda strange, because of the image that I put above, there are actually two towers. But from what I saw it was just one tower. I just thought, maybe the trees are quite dense and closed the other tower. Due to its location across from the reservoir, then I decided to walk around the walls bordering the reservoir.

Along the way, I saw the location of the ATC tower of Kemayoran Airport is fenced by banner that surrounds the tower complex. Looks like there will be development in the former location of the tower. I was not quite sure, about the construction plan, because the banners that surround and cover the area location that does not explain anything, including which developers are going to build up the area.


Until at one point , I finally saw the closed gate with metal door that is also very high. The entrance gate is also closed with concrete barrier


I approached the gate. Through the crack in the metal door, I saw the checkpoint and motorcycle were placed inside the fenced area. From the guard, I get information that anyone banned from entering the area without permission. Even just to see the former ATC tower. And if you want to come in, I should contact the Oceania Development.

From a search on google, I get a little bit of information about the Oceania Development, in addition to a brief information about the Real Estate Developers there also were found information about the RDP between Working Committee of the State Assets of the House of Representatives Commission II on Kemayoran on October 5, 2010 and also news about the problematic agreement in Kemayoran

Well, at that point, suddently occurred in my head that there is a possibility that the legendary former ATC tower will someday disappear. I got worried instantly, as the tower should be put in the category of heritage building that must be protected.

I just think positive, hopefully the developer will maintain the existence of the airport tower, although I rather doubt about the number of the towers still stay one or two towers. But I stay at positive thoughts, that the tower will be remains sustained and it should be maintained, while I still seeking any information about the region’s development plan

Note: Two photos above are taken from its script and embed in this post, please remember of the copyrights on each image



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