The Incomplete Journey: From a Plan for Museum to Online Petition to Rescue

From the story about Tintin and Kemayoran Airport to the matter of my anxiety about the proposals in the area of Kemayoran Airport Tower had forced me to surf the internet. Because I need to have enough information to eliminate my anxiety about this historic building. I’m afraid that the future generations can no longer see the legendary tower which is also coloring the history of this nation. I just do not want that after my generation, the tower can only be seen from the pictures and videos on the internet .

From KBR68H news, I just found out that there are some traces of history left in Kemayoran Airport. Based on the narrative of Asep Solahudin quoted from KBR68H, there are runway, small tower, large tower, old wells, and old electrical substation. Meanwhile Mega Glodok Kemayoran near (MGK) and the existing terminal near Jakarta Fair was the aircraft hangar.

From this news , I just found out there is such thing as Tintin Community Indonesia (KTI) is working to save the historic building. According to KTI, the tower is important to be preserved as an integral part of the oldest airports in Indonesia and should be the forerunner of Indonesian Aerospace Museum

But clearly, based on Jakarta Governor Decree No. 475 of 1993 on the Establishment of Historic Buildings in Jakarta as Heritage Buildings , ATC tower Kemayoran is one of the many cultural heritages in Jakarta. Unfortunately there are not many people know, including me, that the tower has been designated as a cultural heritage. According Dudi Sudibyo, Heritage analyst, as quoted by Media Indonesia – said as a cultural heritage, it should not be maintained (security) by the private party, but it should be maintained by the Government. In the same news, also described by M. Misdianto, Tintin Indonesian Community Board, if there is information that the tower would be destroyed

No wonder then if Tintin Indonesian Community voicing the voice through the petition ” Save the Tower Kemajoran, PRJ Kemayoran, Central Jakarta, Indonesia “. The petition is supported by 398 people is addressed to “Ex Tower Kemayoran Airport, Bandar Kemayoran, Central Jakarta, Indonesia”. I do not know why such a petition does not attract many attentions. But the spirit of this petition is deserves to be supported


Meanwhile, Director of Center for Management of Complex Kemayoran (PPKK) Tabrie as quoted by say if PPKK want to make this as the both towers as Kemayoran Airport Museum , while the surrounding environment will be a nature reserve. Even today there is a Team , unfortunately I cannot obtained information on how the continuation of the museum plan.

I hope this tower does not vanish, so that future generations can still see the glorious trace of the Kemayoran Airport

Picture is taken from here


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