Jakarta to Build LRT on 2015

Construction of rail-based mass transportation is now an option for Jakarta administration to minimize traffic congestion in the city. The plan is in the next year, the city government will also increase the rail mode of transportation by building a Light Rapid Transit (LRT).

Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, Acting Governor of Jakarta, said He is thinking to build LRT lines to connect short line in the city loop line.The LRT will also be integrated with a number of public facilities such as airports, tourist attractions, shopping malls and offices. The LRT will eventually reach many destination of Jakartans, including property area.

He is estimate the LRT construction will cost around Rp 50-60 trillion. “I think the number was not a problem, if you can make all properties is integrated,” he said.


He added that mass transportation will also be integrated with vehicle parking space. The government will buy land or warehouses that close to the station for the park and ride. The station will have a small park plus a place for street vendors (PKL)

Note: Illustration picture is taken from here


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