Pay @CommuterLine Ticket with @bankmandiri Bracelet

If you want to use CommuterLine services, in general we can use an electronic ticket issued by PT KCJ. You can choose to buy Multi Trip or Single Trip Card cards. These cards are relatively easy to get, because you can get it at the CommuterLine stations.

Currently, PT KCJ has also been expanding ticket payments through collaboration with banks such as BCA, Bank Mandiri, Bank BNI, and Bank BRI as well. Through this partnership, pre-paid cards issued by those four banks could also be used as CommuterLine ticket.


Currently, Bank Mandiri issued their new type of prepaid, e money, in the form of a bracelet. You can use this unique and fancy bracelet as a means of payment for CommuterLine tickets, as long as this bracelet is already activated in CommuterLine Station.


The procedure is the same as the ordinary card. Simply tap the bracelet to the electronic gate. Well it is quite complicated on the issue of left and right. Due to enter the electronic gate you will need to use your left hand while to get out of the electronic gate you need to use your right hand



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