Airport Express Train will have Subway Line along 4 km.

The SHIA – Halim Airport Express trains Soekarno Hatta will be constructed along the 33.68 km. The Train track will be made on elevated and also underground. It will have two separate underground, the first undergorund will be at the point of departure at the Halim-Cawang along 1 km and the second underground line will be at the airport toll gate – terminal toll along the 3 km. In total the underground line will have 4 km.

Ministry of Transportation has its own reasons to have underground construction methods. The consideration for The Cawang – Halim are due to Air Channel High Voltage (SUTET) and city highways. While for second underground, it is because there will be many development in the airport area.PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero) as the operator of the airport will expand the terminal and will build a new runway. As a result, the train line can’t be built above the ground nor the elevated railways.

Hanggoro Budi Wiryawan, Director of Traffic and Railways of the MoT, acknowledges the construction of underground line will be more expensive because it uses the underground drilling technology such as Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) Jakarta project.


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