No Longer than 40 minute for @CommuterLine to SHIA Airport

Ministry of Transportation (MoT) gave a special message for PT Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI). MoT demanded the company to meet the target for maximum travel time between Manggarai Station to SHIA Station is 40 minutes.

Herman Dwiatmoko, Director General of Railways, said that the airport railways is very urgent considering the the current traffic conditions. The @CommuterLine to SHIA is considered as as the fastest mode of transportation that able to provide time certainty.

Ignatius Jonan, President Director of PT KAI was explained @CommuterLine to SHIA will operate for 20 hours per day and will have 128 trips per day. @CommuterLine to SHIA itself is projected to carry approximately 10 million passengers-12 million people per year with the train headway for 20 minutes


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