Women Train Driver for @CommuterLine is needed

PT Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI) currently employs 3,000 train drivers in the area of ​​Java and Sumatra. Currently all the train rivers are male. Ignasius Jonan, President Director of the railways company said that the company will begin recruiting female train driver this year.

PT KAI will assign women train driver on the @CommuterLIne. The company has no plan to put them to drive intercity train. The working hour for @Commuterline is relatively enough to drive the train for 5 hours.

Jonan admitted, PT KAI requires additional train drivers in large numbers, as the company continues to increase the number of @Commuterline train, locomotive, and also to replace the retired train driver. PT KAI has no target on number of women that will be recruited, since the company will consider capacity of the train drivers.


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